Pre-Owned Walrus Fundamental Reverb


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Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb

Introducing the Fundamental Reverb by Walrus Audio: Unleash Your Sonic Ambitions

Delve into the world of ambient effects with the Fundamental Reverb from Walrus Audio's Fundamental Series. Crafted with the utmost attention to tonal integrity, these pedals are designed to grace professionals' pedalboards while maintaining user-friendly controls for newcomers to the world of effects. Assembled at Walrus Audio headquarters in Oklahoma City, the Fundamental Reverb offers a diverse array of core reverb sounds in a compact and versatile pedal.

Customizable Ambience at Your Fingertips

The Fundamental Reverb empowers you to sculpt your sonic landscapes with three reverb algorithms. Slide through different modes with the three-way switch, from the spacious and diffused sound of an acoustic hall (Hall mode) to the iconic twang of spring reverb found in tube amps (Spring mode). Alternatively, indulge in the smooth, dense reverberation of an analog plate (Plate mode). Tailor your reverberation with intuitive controls:

  • Decay: Adjust the duration of reverb decay, from subtle ambiance to expansive trails.
  • Tone: Shape the overall brightness of the reverb, adding or subtracting brilliance.
  • Mix: Blend the reverb effect with the original clean signal, achieving your desired balance.

Trailblazing Creativity

The Fundamental Reverb offers trails mode, which allows the decay to naturally fade away when the pedal is switched off, providing a seamless transition. To deactivate trails mode, hold down the bypass stomp switch while applying power, indicated by a flashing LED. With trails mode inactive, the decay stops abruptly upon pedal deactivation. With a diecast enclosure measuring 4.33" x 2.16" x 1.61", the Fundamental Reverb boasts a compact footprint that fits seamlessly on any pedalboard. Power it with 9VDC (100mA minimum), and consider an isolated power supply for optimal performance.


  • Reverb Algorithms: Hall, Spring, Plate
  • Controls: Decay, Tone, Mix
  • Slide Switch for Mode Selection
  • Trails Mode: Easily switchable on/off
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 4.33" x 2.16" x 1.61"
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC (100mA minimum)
  • Use of Isolated Power Supply Recommended
  • Daisy Chain Power Supplies Not Recommended
  • Power Supply Not Included

Serial Number: 1078R00006


This pedal works nicely as intended and is in excellent condition, exhibiting almost no external wear as can be seen in photos. 

Type: Effects