Pre-Owned Walrus Julia Pedal


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Pre-Owned Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus and Vibrato

This Pre-Owned Walrus Audio Julia is in great condition and is ready to add some warble to your rig today!  Here at Five Star we can't say enough good things about the Julia, and for good reason!  For many people this is the chorus pedal to end all chorus pedals.  I like to call it a chorus for people who hate chorus, but I digress.  Through its simple yet comprehensive control set the Julia makes it easy to add just the right amount of modulation to your signal while maintaining clarity and warmth.  The flexibility offered via this pedal's unique D-C-V knob allows you to seamlessly blend from a 100% dry signal to the classic 50/50 chorus sound to a full 100% wet vibrato signal sure to make all of your lo-fi dreams come true.  The Lag control allows you to change the center delay time for the pedal's LFO, so you can quickly and effectively change the waviness of the modulation.  The sound stays tight and focused with the knob set to the left, and turned clockwise it increases the range of pitch shifting up to a full, rubber-band style warble turned all the way up.  These controls pair with the traditional rate and depth controls and a 2 way waveform switch (sine and triangle patterns) to provide you a multitude of chorus and vibrato sounds, each one better than the last.  The LEDs on this pedal are bright and the persistent rate LED makes it easy to sync this pedal with others in your rig or with the song as a whole.  If you've been searching for that chorus or vibrato pedal that's just right, come on down and try the Julia today.

Type: Effects