Pre-Owned Wampler Plextortion Dist


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Pre-Owned Wampler Plextortion Dist

From Wampler:

Sitting in the good company of the Wampler Marshall®-in-a-Box type pedal family, the Plextortion takes a medium-to-high gain approach to getting that classic "roar" people associate with famous British amps of the late '70s and early '80s. Brian has carefully voiced this pedal to sound similar to a killer, cranked JCM800® going into a loaded 4x12 cab with Greenback® speakers. In other words, the sound that dened early '80s rock and roll, from neoclassical shredders to heavy metal and speed metal genre-starters to hair metal guitar icons. If the Pinnacle is intended to do the heavy lifting of getting an authentic, precise, laser-accurate simulation of the "brown sound," the Plextortion is a generalist, capable thanks to its three-band EQ of a huge range of rock tones and with a gain range that covers classic rock to cranked up MIAB mayhem. Because of its powerful three-band EQ and because of careful design attention from Brian when creating and adjusting the pedal to be "just right," the Plextortion can achieve its excellent sound through virtually any amplier

Type: Effects

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