Pre-Owned Weber Mass 100


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This Weber Mass 100 Reactive Load Attenuator is in excellent condition and is ready to help you get that cranked amp sound at low volumes.  Weber Speakers has been manufacturing these attenuators using actual speaker coils so that your amp will feel like it's plugged straight into the cabinet, unlike a typical resistive load attenuator. 

At Weber, they also realize that your amp won't sound quite the same at a lower volume due to how humans perceive volume, so they have a variety of tone-shaping options available on the unit to help compensate.  Firstly there is a simple, switchable, shelving treble-boost feature switchable at either 3 or 6 dB to add some brightness back to the lower volume sound.  If that isn't quite enough, they also offer a switchable, full 3 band tone stack to really dial in that perfect attenuated sound. 

This attenuator has taps for anywhere from 2-16 ohms impedance and because this is the 100 watt model it can handle any amp with up to 50 watts of output power.

Type: Effects

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