Wampler Velvet Fuzz


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Wampler Velvet Fuzz


Many of the classic fuzz guitar tones are more than just the sound of the fuzz pedals themselves, as guitarists more often than not stack the pedals into an already overdriven amplifier.  This tends to present some issues when the same pedals sound lackluster through a super clean amp.  Luckily, the folks over at Wampler have thought a few steps ahead, so they went a little different direction when designing this circuit: they started with a famous circuit of theirs that models an overdriven British amplifier stack (the name of the pedal starts with a P for a hint) and added a fuzz from there.  This allows you to get the touch responsiveness of playing a fuzz into a cranked, vintage style amp but with the flexibility to let you get that sound easily through any rig at any volume.  Although the control set is simple it's deceptively powerful, and the three controls and one switch affect one another very drastically.  The Fuzz control takes this pedal from a fuzzy drive sound up to full on amp-about-to-explode tones, and everywhere in between.  The Brightness knob has a huge effect on the character and perceived volume of the pedal, and can really result in tons of different sounds.  The Volume control can go from unity gain up to a healthy boost to add even more overdrive character from your amp itself.  The Big/Tight switch makes the most dramatic changes to the tone, and switches between two completely different fuzz tones: Big is a fat and creamy fuzz sound that sounds huge yet responds to volume control adjustments just like a classic Fuzz Face and Tight is a tighter, almost distortion-y fuzz sound that still retains that rich, creamy quality.  If you love classic fuzz tones but have trouble getting them to sound right with your rig, the Wampler Velvet Fuzz is the answer!

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