Walrus Fathom Multi-function Reverb Pedal


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Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb

The Walrus Fathom is a flexible and compact reverb that offers a ton of tone shaping options in a small package.  This new reverb offers four distinct reverb modes with tons of tweakability within each one.  Hall mode gives you the sound of playing in a large space; Plate reverb brings back the long decay time studio reverbs of the 60s and 70s; Lo-Fi is a heavily filtered reverb to give you those scratchy transistor radio type sounds; Sonar is a cavernous reverb with both low and high octaves on top of it.  These four modes complement each other to run the gamut of traditional and more modern reverb sounds.  The Fathom gives you a simple 3 way switch to control the amount of Modulation while the X knob has mode-specific functions to increase the pedal's versatility.  The remaining controls on this pedal are dead simple: Decay time controls how long the reverb sounds for, Dampen controls high-end dampening/EQ on the repeats to control clarity, and Mix lets you blend between your wet and dry signals easily, with the 50/50 mark clearly labeled on the pedal's face.  Soft touch switches make sure this pedal feels great to use and add momentary switching options for more user expression.  If you're looking for a simple to use reverb with complex tonal options, the Walrus Audio Fathom would make a great addition to your rig!

Type: Effects