Walrus Deep Six Compressor V3


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Deep Six Compressor V3

 For years guitarists have stood by rack style compressors in the studio to get those classic, squashed guitar tones, but struggled to get the same response out of pedal compressors.  Luckily, the folks at Walrus Audio have also had this issue and so they developed the Deep Six Compressor: a compact and easy to use 1176 style compressor that will fit easily on any pedalboard.  This pedal accepts a standard 9V input but internally boosts it up to 18V for the increased headroom inherent to this style of compressor, and this when combined with the blend knob allows you to use any guitar even with high output pickups without getting distortion from the pedal. 

This pedal features the typical Sustain and Attack knobs to control the compression amount and attack speed, respectively to further adjust the pedal's feel.  This newly updated third version of the circuit features a handy Tone control to cut the low frequencies, very helpful in a compressor pedal.  The Level control is very wide ranging and takes this pedal from below unity gain all the way up to a very healthy boost so you can stand out in the mix.  If you've been looking for studio quality compression in an easy to use and small package the Deep Six is sure to take care of it!

Type: Effects