Walrus SLO Multi-Texture Reverb


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Slö Multi Texture Reverb

Walrus Audio has done it again with their Slö Reverb pedal, packing 3 different ambient reverb models into one compact package, giving you a one stop solution to creating lush soundscapes easily and quickly.  The 3 algorithms give you 3 completely different reverb styles that are all squarely in the spacey, ambient camp. 
Dark adds a lower octave to the reverb trails allowing for a huge, dark, deep wash. 
Rise is a smooth, auto-swell sound for those Slow-Gear type volume fades. 
Dream is a dense reverb with a latching synth pad assigned to the secondary footswitch. 
If you're looking to get lost in a world of creative reverb options, come try the Walrus Slö.

Type: Effects

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