Boss WAZA-TAE Tube Amp Expander Waza Craft


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WAZA Tube Amp Expander

Since the dawn of electric music guitarists have known that the best way to get a good sound out of your amp is to make sure that it's working hard enough.  All the best guitar sounds through the ages have come from amplifiers turned up past the point of breakup, and the pursuit of that sound has driven amplifier design through the ages.  The only problem with this phenomenon?  The volume!  In the 60s and 70s it was cool to be rocking over 120dB of stage volume, but thanks to the evolution of modern PA technology nowadays bands are going for a quieter sound in the room than ever before, choosing instead to amplify via the PA.  So how are guitarists supposed to get those classic, cranked-amp tones without blowing the audience out of the room?  Enter the Waza Tube Amp Expander from Boss, a combo reactive load, attenuator, IR loader, recording interface, and active analog power stage that will take any tube amp up to 150 watts and make it usable at any volume.

The Tube Amp Expander combines some of the most popular devices to harness the power of your tube amp all into one easy to use box.  Firstly, the Tube Amp Expander is a reactive load box and attenuator featuring an active 100 watt power section.  This means that you can control the volume of your tube amp or use it silently, and that it will still react as if it were connected to a real cabinet.  You can even use the power amp to add more power to your lower wattage amp, since now you have access to up to 100W right there on the dial.  The Tube Amp Expander's power amp means that you have true, continuously variable control over your output volume while keeping the original tone and feel of your amp. 

The Tube Amp Expander also features real Boss effects in stereo like compression, delay, reverb, and EQ as well as an onboard effects loop so you can integrate your existing pedals into your new hybrid rig.  You can store presets in the unit for quick recall, and can even load in your own IRs to further customize the recorded sounds. 

The Tube Amp Expander features a built in high-fidelity audio interface so you can record your amp direct to your computer without the need for a cabinet, or record in parallel while playing in the room.  Thanks to the Tube Amp Expander, you can now use the tube amps you know and love in any situation on stage or in the studio.  Come try one today and unlock sides of your amp you forgot it had!

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