Wegenpicks TW250 2.5mm White "Twins" 2-Pack (Right-handed Bevel)

SKU: 14104

Brand: Wegenpicks

The cutest of them all! Basically, this is a mini-Gypsyjazzpick, but what a performer. Don't let the dimensions fool you . Great speed, control, volume and sound. A solid winner and Michel Wegen's favorite. ( A favorite for many others too!)
Dimensions: 27.5 mm long, 23.3 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick. Please note that this is a slightly thinner variety measuring in at 2.5mm thick rather than 3.5mm.

Wegen picks are handmade in the Netherlands and are the ultimate plectrum for the discerning guitarist.

Collections: Picks

Type: Picks

Vendor: Wegenpicks

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