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Gibson ABR-1 Bridge Non-Wire Nickel

Gibson Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge Nickel

Gibson Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge: Vintage Precision

Enhance your guitar with the Gibson Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, a faithful reproduction from Gibson Guitar's Historic Re-issue series. This bridge is meticulously designed to replicate the iconic non-wire bridges used on Gibson electric guitars up until the early 1960s. Crafted with attention to detail, this bridge features "GIBSON ABR-1" in raised letters on the base, adding an authentic touch to your instrument.

Authentic Vintage Design and Superior Quality

The Gibson Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge is constructed to the highest specifications to ensure it mirrors the functionality and appearance of the original parts used by Gibson in the late 1950s. It includes un-notched saddles that allow for customized adjustments and is available in both nickel and gold finishes to match your guitar’s aesthetic.

Complete Assembly for Easy Installation

This bridge comes as a full assembly, making installation straightforward and ensuring it can directly replace the existing bridge on your Gibson or compatible guitar. Whether you're restoring a vintage piece or upgrading a newer model, this bridge offers the perfect blend of historical accuracy and modern reliability.


  • Model: Gibson Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge
  • Material: Nickel (also available in gold)
  • Features: "GIBSON ABR-1" raised lettering on the base
  • Saddles: Un-notched for customization
  • Assembly: Full assembly included for easy installation

Model PBBR-059