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K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup System

K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup

K&K Mandolin Twin: Pure Mandolin Tone, Built-In Convenience

The K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup is the ideal solution for mandolin players seeking a high-quality, natural-sounding amplification option. This dual-head retrofit transducer system is designed to capture the authentic tone of your mandolin with exceptional clarity and minimal feedback. Trusted by renowned mandolin builders like Clark Mandolins and numerous professional musicians, the Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup delivers reliable performance in any setting.

Natural Tone and High Feedback Resistance

Engineered to reproduce the true sound of your mandolin, the Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup excels in providing a warm, natural tone that retains the instrument's unique characteristics. The dual transducers are mounted inside the mandolin, ensuring a balanced and accurate sound capture while maintaining high feedback resistance. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, this pickup system ensures your mandolin sounds its best.

Professional-Grade Installation

The Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup is designed for a permanent, professional-grade installation. Both the transducers and the stereo TRSS endpin jack are securely mounted inside the mandolin, reducing the risk of damage and minimizing sound interference. The transducers are attached with double-sided adhesive tape, offering a robust and durable installation. Due to the complexity of the installation process, it is recommended that this system be installed by an experienced luthier or mandolin technician.

Trusted by Builders and Players

The K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup is a preferred choice for high-end mandolin builders and professional players alike. Its superior sound quality, reliability, and discreet installation make it an excellent choice for anyone serious about their mandolin's amplified sound. By choosing the Mandolin Twin Internal, you're ensuring your instrument's tone is faithfully reproduced with every performance.


  • Model: Mandolin Twin Internal
  • Cable Length: 7"
  • Pickup Size: 16.5 x 23mm
  • Impedance: High ohmic
  • Jack: Stereo TRSS endpin jack 1/4" wired mono

This pickup ships fully insured with signature required