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Pender Pickups Alnico 5 P90 Soapbar Set

Pender Pickups Alnico 5 P90 Soapbar Set

If you're playing jazz, blues or rock and roll, the P90 pickup is a welcome addition to anyone's rig. Known for superior articulation and vintage vibe, it's no wonder P90s were the go to choice for some ofhistory's most iconic players.

Pender P90 pickups offer an affordable solution for discerning tone seekers who are looking to add the unmistakeable fat focus of a P90 into their sound.

Handwound in Portland, Oregon from the finest materials available to exacting standards, Pender P90s are reliable, durable, and sound fantastic. The perfect choice for a gigging musician.

Chords in the first and second position are nice and warm without eversounding flubby or boxy in the low end; the high end retains bell-like chime and clarity. Single notes are nice and rich all the way up the neck. No matter what model of guitar you're installing them in, Pender P90s area definite upgrade to your instrument.

All Pender P90 pickups can be custom wound to your specifications, in most cases for no additional charge. To inquire about a custom wound set please send an email to


This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.