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Evans BD20REMAD Resonant Kick Head

Evans EMAD RESONANT 20" Bass Drum Head - Black

20" EMAD Resonant Head for Bass Drums by Evans

Precision Control for Powerful Performances

The Evans EMAD Resonant 20" Bass Drum Head (BD20REMAD) is engineered to deliver precision control over your drum's overtones, enhancing your pitch, focus, and attack. Designed for drummers who demand versatility and control, this drumhead is ideal for rock and gospel genres, providing a powerful and articulate sound that stands out in any performance.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Sound Quality

This drumhead features an offset 4" microphone port in a single ply of 10mil film, allowing for superior sound projection and clarity. The inclusion of a foam dampening ring around its edge gives you the ability to fine-tune your sound by reducing unwanted overtones and focusing the drum's natural resonance. This innovative design ensures that your bass drum delivers a punchy and well-defined sound.

Built for Durability and Performance

The Evans EMAD Resonant drumhead is constructed from high-quality materials that provide exceptional durability and longevity. The single ply of 10mil film is tough enough to withstand intense playing while maintaining its integrity. Whether you're performing in a high-energy rock concert or a soulful gospel service, this drumhead is built to perform consistently and reliably.

Ideal for Versatile Musical Styles

Designed with versatility in mind, the Evans EMAD Resonant drumhead is perfect for a range of musical styles. Its ability to control overtones and enhance pitch makes it a favorite among rock and gospel drummers who need both power and precision. The 4" offset microphone port also makes it easier to mic the drum, providing clear and accurate sound capture for live performances and studio recordings.


  • Size: 20 inches
  • Material: Single ply of 10mil film
  • Port: Offset 4-inch microphone port
  • Dampening: Foam dampening ring around the edge
  • Ideal for: Rock, Gospel