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Dunlop Light/Medium Guitar Pick Variety Pack - 12 Pack - PVP101

Dunlop Light/Medium Guitar Pick Variety Pack - 12 Pack - PVP101

With this Dunlop Pick Variety Pack, players can sample 12 of the most popular Nylon Standard, Max-Grip, Celluloid, Gator Grip, Tortex, Ultex light and medium gauge picks in one convenient pack. PVP101

This pack includes:

  • Tortex .60mm
  • Tortex .73mm
  • Ultex .60mm
  • Ultex Sharp .73mm
  • Celluloid Shell, Thin
  • Celluloid Shell, Medium
  • Nylon Standard .60mm
  • Nylon Standard .73mm
  • Max-Grip .60mm
  • Max-Grip .73mm
  • Gator Grip .58mm
  • Gator Grip .71mm