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V-Picks Bullseye 1.5mm Guitar Pick - Single

V-Picks Bullseye 1.5mm Guitar Pick - Single 

from V-Picks:

Buffed- The Bullseye is laser etched deeply into one side of this pick, making for a wonderful tactile experience. It is quite grippy. The pick is a bit wider than the V-Picks Chicken Picker - a very familiar and comfortable shape and size. Good for Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country and Acoustic work.

1.5 mm - 15/16" wide- 1 1/8" long

V-PICKS are made in Nashville, TN. The company produces over 100,000 hand-made picks per year, and supplies guitar picks to 101 countries in the world. Some models are originally cut out by laser from sheets of cast acrylic. Others start as raw materials poured into molds. Both styles are then hand ground on a bench grinder and hand trimmed with a razor knife. This creates the bevel, feel, and sound of the pick. Next, they are tempered for strength with intense high heat, much like the process done on steel and glass. Then they are buffed with high heat flame for a smooth and slick playing edge and bevel. Acrylic is the material used in crafting V-PICKS. A proprietary mixture of two different acrylics is used plus an inert material. The manufacturer states that materials and mixtures are chosen to render a strong, long wearing guitar pick that has a gripping quality which reacts to the temperature in the players fingertips. These acrylic picks are made in gauges ranging from .75mm to 11.85mm.

One of V-PICK's most recognizable endorsers is Carlos Santana. Other artists include Bill Decker, Billy Gibbons, Walter Becker, Phil Keaggy, Jorge Santana, Brad Whitford, Vernon Reid, Rick Vito, Gordon Kennedy, Derek St Holmes, Roger Fisher, Jimmy Herring, Johnny Hiland, Danny Kortchmar, SKY Dangcil, Andy Reiss, Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan, Scott Van Zen, Neil Zaza & Joe Martinelli, CJ Whitehill.