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V-Picks Spirit 2.75mm Guitar Pick - Single

V-Picks Spirit 2.75mm Guitar Pick - Single

1 3/16 long - 1 1/8 wide - 2.75mm thick

Vinni says:

Spirit Definition: The nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

This pick is a perfect example of the definition.

Wow! What a guitar pick!

Youve been wanting purple, you got purple! You wanted holes, you got holes!Youre gonna love this pick!

It sounds great! Just enough brightness to cut thru the band and sparkle. Just enough mids to make it sing like a bird. And plenty of bass and bottom end for any style you play.

The exact same shape as the EKG, just scaled down a bit. The 2.75mm makes it easy to hold and makes it strong. Strong as in durable and strong as in sound. The top and sides are cut straighter than a normal pick. Thismakes it very easy to hold andmaneuverover and thru the strings. Plus it gives the pick a new, fresh look!

The holes have been strategically placed and laser cut to give you max feel and grip.

I am very confident you are gonna love this pick!