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V-Picks Venom 1.5mm Green Guitar Pick - Single

V-Picks Venom 1.5mm Green Guitar Pick - Single 

from V-Picks:

Fast, accurate and bites! This littleguitar pickdelivers it all. If you like a smaller pick in your hand,this is the perfect size. A great replacement for the Jazz III. The point slips acrossthe strings for really fast playing, or you can turn it around and use one of therounded corners for a different, thicker tone. Great for Metal, Fusion, Blues,Country, and acoustic players even love it!

The Venom comes in a rare, deep greencolor. We searched for years for a green that would not change the tone of the rawmaterial and still retain the famous V-PICKS grippage (sticks to your hand when thepick warms to body temperature) and we finally found it! You will love this littlepick! Please note: V-PICKS are the ONLY cast acrylic picks that are heat temperedand heat buffed. This changes the molecules inside the material and makes astronger, longer lasting pick. It also creates a much smoother string surface forgliding action. Due to the heat treatment, you can see heat marks in the pick whenyou hold them up to the light, especially in our colored picks. This is not a defect ormistake. It is just how the material reacts to the fire. Consider it the venom inside!