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Hercules Stands GS415B Single

Hercules GS415B PLUS Auto Grip System(AGS) Single Guitar Stand W/Foldable Yoke

Hercules GS415B PLUS Single Guitar Stand: Secure and Versatile

The Hercules GS415B PLUS Guitar Stand represents the pinnacle of instrument security and adaptability. Featuring the innovative foldable Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke, this stand is engineered to lock your guitar safely in place without the risk of slips or falls. Designed to accommodate a wide range of guitar neck sizes from 40 mm to 52 mm (1.57 - 2.05 inches), it is perfect for classic, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. Additionally, the stand comes with an Instant Height Adjustment Clutch and Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber at all contact points to ensure your instrument remains in pristine condition.

Engineered for All Guitar Types

This stand's AGS yoke is meticulously designed to fit a broad spectrum of guitar neck sizes, ensuring a secure hold for both wide and narrow instruments. The included N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, HA301) feature enhances the AGS arms, allowing the stand to also support instruments with narrower necks like banjos and mandolins, as small as 28 mm (1.10 inches). This versatility makes the Hercules GS415B PLUS an essential accessory for musicians with diverse instrument collections.

Quick and Secure Height Adjustment

Adjusting the height of your guitar stand has never been easier or more secure. The Instant Height Adjustment Clutch allows for rapid and effortless height modifications while the integrated Locking Pin ensures that the stand remains stable and set to your preferred height without any unexpected shifts.

Ultimate Protection with Specially Formulated Foam

The Hercules GS415B PLUS is equipped with Specially Formulated Rubber Foam on all contact points. This material not only protects your guitar's finish from scratches and dings but also ensures that the guitar remains firmly in place, providing a safe, secure cradle for your instrument.


  • Folding Auto Grip System locks instrument securely in place.
  • AGS yoke fits a variety of guitar neck sizes from 40 mm to 52 mm.
  • N.I.N.A. system accommodates narrow neck instruments from 28 mm.
  • Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with Locking Pin for fast and secure setup.
  • Specially Formulated Foam for maximum protection at all contact points.