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String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger Oak Base CC01K

String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger Oak CC01K

String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger: Enhanced Safety and Elegant Display

Upgrade your guitar storage with the String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger Oak CC01K, an elegantly designed accessory that combines safety with aesthetic appeal. After more than two decades as a core accessory, the original CC01 guitar hanger has been revitalized and enhanced to ensure even better protection and stability for your cherished instrument.

Deep Cradle Design for Ultimate Protection

The updated "Guitar Keeper" model features a deep cradle design that carefully secures your guitar, preventing improper placement and ensuring safer handling. This design is particularly beneficial for guitars with unique headstocks, including those with single or uneven heels, as it provides tailored support where it's most needed.

Pivoting Yoke for a Custom Fit

The included SDY03 yoke pivots to perfectly cradle the guitar’s headstock, adapting to various shapes and sizes for a secure fit. This flexibility helps maintain the guitar's balance and prevents potential stress on the neck, making it ideal for both storage and display purposes.

High-Quality Hardwood Construction

Crafted from authentic North American hardwood, the base of the hanger not only adds a touch of natural beauty to your space but also offers durable support. The wood block's natural color variations enhance its unique character, making each hanger one of a kind.

Key Features:

  • Model: CC01K
  • Design: "Guitar Keeper" with a deep cradle design
  • Yoke: SDY03, pivots for optimal fit
  • Material: Authentic North American hardwood
  • Compatibility: Ideal for guitars with standard or unique headstocks (Note: May be too narrow for some classical guitars; CC01 model recommended for such instruments.)
  • Wood Color: Natural (variations in color may occur)