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Aquila Nylgut Guitalele / Guilele Strings 96C

Aquila Nylgut Guitalele / Guilele Strings 96C

Aquila Guitalele / Guilele Strings 96C

Transform your guitalele or guilele into a sonically superb instrument with Aquila's specially designed strings. These strings feature a unique combination of silver-plated copper basses with a Nylgut core and polished Nylgut trebles, including a third string, creating a blend of clear, bright trebles and deep, resonant basses. Designed for instruments with a 42 cm scale, these strings provide exceptional sustain and tone that enhances both strumming and fingerpicking.

  • Tuning: A, E, C, G, D, A
  • Scale: 42 cm
  • Material: Silver-plated copper basses, Nylgut trebles