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D'Addario EXL110+ Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings 10.5-48

D'Addario EXL Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings - EXL110+ Reg Light Plus 10.5-48

D'Addario EXL110+ Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings: Precision and Versatility

Elevate your guitar playing with the D'Addario EXL110+ Electric Guitar Strings, specifically designed for players looking to transition smoothly between different string gauges. These strings provide a "step up" from standard 10 gauge sets to slightly thicker gauges, enhancing both tone and playability, especially for those using multiple guitars with varying scale lengths.

Engineered for Enhanced Performance

The EXL110+ strings feature a unique 10.5 gauge for the high E string, offering a perfect balance between 10 and 11 gauge sets. This slight increase in thickness helps maintain consistent tension across different guitar scales, making it easier for players to switch between instruments without losing the feel they are accustomed to. These strings are ideal for guitarists looking to refine their sound or enhance their hand strength through slightly increased string resistance.

Durable and Distinctive Tone

Crafted with D'Addario's precision winding technology, these strings are made from nickel-plated steel wound around a hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. This construction not only ensures longevity and durability but also provides a bright, clear tone with excellent intonation. Whether you're playing rhythm or lead, jazz or rock, these strings deliver consistent performance that can stand up to rigorous playing styles.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Reliable Quality

D'Addario strings are not only crafted for superior performance but also packaged with the environment in mind. The corrosion-resistant packaging ensures that every set of strings remains fresh until opened. Manufactured in the USA, these strings reflect the highest standards of quality and performance, supporting both professional musicians and enthusiastic hobbyists.


  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .0105, .0135, .018, Nickel Wound .028, .038, .048
  • Material: Nickel-plated steel
  • Core: Hexagonal high carbon steel
  • Features: "Plus" gauge for improved hand strength and tension balance
  • Packaging: Environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant