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D'Addario NYXL0984SB Strandberg 8 String Electric Guitar Strings 9-84

D'Addario NYXL0984SB Strandberg 8 String Electric Guitar Strings 9-84

Elevate Your Sound with NYXL 9-84 Strandberg 8 String Set

Unmatched Performance and Durability

Experience a new level of playability with the NYXL 9-84 Strandberg 8 String Set. These strings are engineered to push the boundaries of what electric guitar strings can achieve. With NYXLs, you'll notice that your bends go farther, your notes sing louder, and your tuning stays more stable than ever before. Crafted with a NY Steel core and premium nickel-plated steel wrap wire, these strings offer higher break strength and enhanced tuning stability, ensuring that you can rely on them even during the most demanding performances.

Enhanced Tone and Presence

NYXL electric guitar strings are designed to deliver a bold and powerful tone that cuts through the mix with ease. The Fusion Twist technology and accentuated mid-range frequency response of these strings provide increased presence and crunch, allowing your playing to stand out in any musical context. Whether you're shredding through complex riffs or laying down heavy chords, the NYXL 9-84 Strandberg 8 String Set ensures that your sound remains clear, articulate, and full-bodied.

Customized for Strandberg 8-String Guitars

Tailored specifically for Strandberg 8-String guitar models, this custom light set is optimized to complement the variable scale length and proprietary bridge of Strandberg guitars. The gauges (.009, .012, .015p, .022w, .030, .042, .056, .084) are carefully selected to provide the perfect balance of tension and flexibility, allowing for effortless playability across the entire fretboard. Whether you're exploring intricate melodies or unleashing blistering solos, these strings offer the responsiveness and dynamic range you need to express yourself fully.


  • Model: NYXL0984SB
  • Gauges: .009, .012, .015p, .022w, .030, .042, .056, .084