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Mesa Boogie Power Tube - El-34 STR 447 (Duet)

Mesa Boogie EL-34 STR 447 Duet (matched pair) Power Tubes Model 750600D


Mesa Boogie EL-34 STR 447 Duet: The Pinnacle of British Tone

Unlock the essence of rock with the Mesa Boogie EL-34 STR 447 Duet, a matched pair of premium grade power tubes that embody the aggressive urgency and dynamic expressiveness of classic British amplifiers. Chosen for use in all new Mesa EL-34 powered models, these tubes are the top selection for musicians who demand the ultimate in performance and tone from their amplifiers.

Premium Tone with Aggressive Character

The Mesa Boogie EL-34 STR 447 delivers the quintessential EL-34 sound—famed for its rich midrange crunch and crystal-clear highs. With a tight and focused low end, these tubes provide a powerful foundation for the crushing midrange tones that have defined some of the most revered British rock and metal sounds. Whether you are dialing in classic rock vibes, alternative rock edge, or heavy metal intensity, these tubes offer the sonic palette needed to elevate your music.

Engineered for Superior Performance and Reliability

As with all Mesa tubes, the EL-34 STR 447 Duet is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. Each tube is meticulously tested and matched, ensuring that they not only perform at their peak but also exhibit exceptional reliability and durability. This commitment to quality means you can rely on these tubes to perform consistently, gig after gig, session after session.

Authentic British Origins

True to its roots, this tube set reflects the aggressive and vibrant spirit of British music. It is ideal for guitarists who seek the legendary "Brit" sound, offering everything from shimmering highs to the deep, growling lows that can make or break a great rock tone.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: 750600D
  • Tube Type: EL-34 STR 447 Power Tubes
  • Tonal Characteristics: Tight low end, midrange crunch, crystal-like highs
  • Compatibility: Perfect for any EL-34 compatible tube amplifier, especially Mesa models
  • Ideal For: Classic rock, alternative rock, and metal