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Mesa Boogie Power Tube - STR 448 6L6 GC (Duet)

Mesa Boogie Power Tube - STR 448 6L6 GC (Duet)(matched pair)

Mesa Boogie STR448 6L6 GC (Duet) Matched Pair: Unparalleled Quality and Tone

Enhance the performance of your amplifier with the Mesa Boogie Power Tube STR 448 6L6 GC Duet, the premier choice for replacing or upgrading the tubes in your 6L6-based amplifier. These premium grade, matched pair tubes are the same ones used in current MESA/Boogie 6L6-based production amplifiers, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Premium Performance for All Musical Styles

The Mesa 6L6 STR 448 tubes are renowned for their exceptional sound quality across a wide range of music styles. They deliver remarkable bass definition, articulate mids, and shimmering highs that make every note stand out with crystal clarity. The smooth, creamy character of these tubes enhances the overall sound profile, providing a lush and immersive listening experience.

Consistency, Reliability, and Structural Quality

Crafted in the USA to meet rigorous standards, the Mesa 6L6 STR 448 tubes are a testament to structural quality and consistency. These tubes are chosen for their reliability and full-range tonal quality, making them a superior choice not only for MESA amplifiers but for any 6L6 based amp. Whether you're playing jazz, rock, blues, or any other genre, these tubes offer the consistency and performance needed to elevate your music.


  • Model Number: Mesa 6L6 750635D
  • Tube Type: 6L6 GC
  • Quantity: Matched pair
  • Application: Ideal for all MESA 6L6 powered models and other 6L6 based amplifiers
  • Tone Characteristics: Deep bass, articulate mids, shimmering highs
  • Performance: High reliability, exceptional sound quality, smooth and creamy character
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA, premium grade