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Divine Noise XLR Male to XLR Female 10' Microphone Cable - Black

Handmade XLR Male to XLR Female Ten Foot Microphone Cable - Black

From Divine Noise:

Until now, the cable world has been entirely without a microphone cable with two - yes, we said two - 20 AWG stranded center conductor cables WITH double spiraled shielding. The advantage of having two 20 AWG conductors is that you pass more of your signal, giving you a fuller, clearer sound. The spiraled shielding (instead of braided) makes for a flatter laying and easier coiling cable. Size, maneuverability, and quality are essential parts of getting the best and most reliable signal from your instruments to its audience.

  • Our proprietary 2x 20 AWG stranded center conductor, a double spiral shield providing 98% coverage. Semi-conductive PVC covering reduces Tribo-Electric Noise and provides clean, low-noise performances, without microphonics.
  • The oxygen free copper used in our cables delivers the purest sound quality while remaining flexible and noise free.
  • Every cable is soldered with the highest quality silver solder.
  • Thick (.280"), heavy-duty PVC outer jacket.
  • We feature Neutrik XLR Male and XLR Female plugs.
  • Completely made by hand in Portland, OR USA.
  • Divine Noise offers a lifetime no hassle warranty on every cable.