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Pig Hog XLR Cable 10'

Pig Hog XLR Microphone Cable - 10ft

Pig Hog XLR Microphone Cables: Built to Last

Experience the robust reliability of the Pig Hog 10ft XLR Microphone Cable, designed to endure the toughest tour environments. Pig Hog cables are not just strong; they are precision-built with performance in mind, ensuring every note is captured with clarity and detail. Ideal for musicians and sound engineers who demand the best in sound quality and durability.

Rugged Construction for Professional Use

This high-performance microphone cable boasts an extra-thick 8mm rubber outer covering, designed to protect against physical wear and provide superior signal integrity. The connectors are heat-shrink protected, enhancing their durability and lifespan, while the built-in tension-resistant stress relief system ensures that the cable can handle vigorous usage without compromising quality.


  • Cable Length: 10 feet
  • Cable Diameter: 8mm high-quality rubber covering for exceptional durability
  • Connectors: Professional quality with heat shrink protection
  • Stress Relief: Tension-resistant design to withstand rigorous pulling and bending
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee – Pig Hog has your back for the life of the cable

Whether you're gigging, recording in the studio, or setting up for an event, the Pig Hog XLR cable provides a reliable connection that guarantees you stay plugged in, no matter the challenge. Don’t settle for less when you can have the durability and performance of a Pig Hog cable.