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Combo Speaker Wire Assembly 34"

Combo Amp Speaker Wire Assembly 34 inch

1/4" Right Angle Male to 2 Spade Lugs

This Combo Amp Speaker Wire Assembly is the perfect solution for replacing vintage guitar amplifier speaker cables. With a total length of 34 inches, this wire assembly is designed to connect your amplifier to its speaker efficiently and reliably.

High-Quality Construction

Featuring a 1/4" right angle male plug to 2 spade lugs, this assembly is crafted to ensure a secure and stable connection. The spade lugs have a 6mm terminal width, fitting well with any typical standard speaker size, including Celestion's typical 5mm, with proper tensioning on installation.

Reliable Performance

The wire assembly uses 18AWG wires, providing a durable and robust connection between your amp and speaker. The tip is connected to the wire with the writing on it, making the plain wire the shield. This vintage-style speaker cable is an excellent replacement for vintage guitar amplifiers where the speaker plugs directly into the chassis.

Key Features

  • Length: 34 inches
  • Connector: 1/4" right angle male to 2 spade lugs
  • Terminal Width: 6mm spade lugs
  • Wire Gauge: 18AWG
  • Design: Vintage-style speaker cable, perfect for vintage guitar amplifiers
  • Application: Wiring harness assembly connector

For those seeking a premium upgrade with audible and measurable increased throughput over standard harnesses, check out the Divine Noise Combo Amp 10 AWG Speaker Harness Cable.