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Fender Casters W/Hardware Set Of 4

Fender Amp Casters with Hardware (4)

Fender Amplifier Casters: Essential Mobility for Your Amplifier

Genuine Fender heavy-duty amplifier casters offer a practical solution for musicians on the move. These robust casters feature a pop-in/pop-out ball-bearing swivel design, ensuring smooth maneuverability and stability. Designed to keep you rolling in style without breaking your back, these casters provide the convenience and durability needed for transporting your amplifier to gigs, rehearsals, and studios.

Designed for Compatibility and Ease of Installation

These Fender amp casters come with all necessary mounting cups and screws, making installation quick and effortless. The universal design fits a wide range of Fender amplifiers, ensuring that you can easily upgrade or replace the casters on your existing equipment. Whether you’re setting up at a new venue or moving around in your practice space, these casters make it easier than ever to transport your amp.

Comprehensive Fit for Various Fender Models

The versatility of these casters is unmatched. They are compatible with an extensive list of Fender amplifier models, including BXR and Tone-Master enclosures, Showman 50, '94 Twin, Custom Vibrasonic, Pro Reverb, "The Twin", and many more. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that most Fender enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of easier mobility.


  • Model Number: 0994000000
  • Design: Pop-in/pop-out ball-bearing swivel
  • Quantity: Four casters
  • Included: Mounting cups and screws
  • Compatible with:
    • BXR enclosures
    • Tone-Master enclosures
    • Showman 50
    • '94 Twin
    • Custom Vibrasonic
    • Pro Reverb
    • "The Twin"
    • Concert
    • Pro 185
    • Dual Professional
    • Rumble 410
    • Super-Sonic 212
    • '65 Twin Custom
    • Ultimate Chorus DSP
    • Cyber-Twin
    • Pro Series Bass enclosures
    • Bassman TV Panel series
    • Bassman series enclosures
    • Stage 160 DSP
    • MH-412 enclosure
    • Steel King
    • Jazz King amplifiers