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Fishman Loudbox Artist Cover

Fishman Loudbox Artist Amp Cover

Keep Your Amp Clean And Protected With The Fishman Loudbox Artist Amp Cover

The Fishman Loudbox Slip Cover is a fitted cover designed specifically for the Fishman Loudbox Artist and Loudbox 100 amplifiers. This cover ensures your amplifier remains in pristine condition by providing robust protection against dust, dirt, and minor scuffs.

Premium Protection and Durability

Crafted from 600-denier ballistic nylon, the Fishman Loudbox Slip Cover offers superior durability and resistance to wear and tear. The cover is designed by Gator Cases, a trusted name in high-quality protective gear, ensuring that your amp is well-protected at all times.

Easy Access and Secure Fit

The slip cover features a large flap that opens to allow easy access to the amp's carrying handle. A hook-and-loop fastener strip secures the flap, providing additional protection against dust and debris. Piping around the seams adds extra durability, ensuring the cover withstands regular use.

Stylish Design

With an embroidered Fishman logo on the front, this cover not only protects your amp but also adds a touch of style. The sleek design and high-quality materials make it a perfect accessory for your Fishman Loudbox Artist or Loudbox 100 amplifier.


  • Compatibility: Fits Fishman Loudbox Artist and Loudbox 100 amplifiers
  • Material: 600-denier ballistic nylon
  • Design: Designed by Gator Cases
  • Features:
    • Large opening for access to carrying handle
    • Hook-and-loop fastener strip for additional protection against dust
    • Piping around seams for added durability
  • Logo: Embroidered Fishman logo