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Pre-Owned Jensen P10R 10" 8ohm Speaker

Pre-Owned Jensen P10R 10" 8ohm Speaker

Jensen P10R: A Classic Tone Reborn

Discover the iconic sound that shaped musical history with the pre-owned Jensen P10R 10" 8ohm speaker. Renowned for its vital role in the Tweed era, the P10R delivers a shimmering, throaty, and vibrant tone that inspired the beginnings of British rock tones. First reissued by Jensen for a select group of partners at the 1999 Summer NAMM show, this speaker is celebrated for its contribution to the magical tones of classic amps like the 4x10 Bassman Tweed, 4x10 Super Tweed, and the 3x10 Bandmaster.

Rich Historical Significance and Superb Sound Quality

The Jensen P10R is not just a speaker; it's a piece of musical history. Its rich, warm tone and ability to accentuate higher frequencies in sparkling detail make it a favorite among guitarists who seek a smooth yet vibrant sound. Whether you're playing clean or driving the speaker into its crunchy overdrive range, the P10R responds beautifully, enhancing every note with clarity and depth.

Tone Characteristics and Performance

This Jensen speaker is known for its distinctive sonic qualities:

  • Lows: Loose, providing a smooth undertone that doesn't overpower.
  • Mids: Firm, ensuring that each note stands out with clarity.
  • Highs: Smooth, perfect for players who love a silky top-end shimmer.
  • Overdrive: Crunchy, ideal for rock and blues guitarists who demand a more aggressive sound.

Ideal for Vintage Amp Enthusiasts

The Jensen P10R is particularly suited for use with vintage amplifiers, restoring and enhancing their legendary sounds. It is the perfect choice for those looking to recreate the classic tones of the 4x10 Bassman Tweed amps, the Super Tweed, and the mythical Bandmaster amps.


  • Model: Jensen P10R
  • Size: 10 inches
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Notable Uses: Ideal for 4x10 Bassman Tweed, 4x10 Super Tweed Amps, and 3x10 Bandmaster amps
  • Tone Description: Rich, warm, with sparkling high frequency detail
This speaker is in very good working order and good cosmetic condition.