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Boss Katana Cabinet 112 Bass

Manufacturer #:KTN-C112B

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Boss Katana Cabinet 112 Bass

Boss Katana Cabinet 112 Bass: Power and Precision in a Compact Package

The Boss Katana Cabinet 112 Bass is designed to deliver professional-grade sound performance in a compact and portable format. Engineered as the perfect partner for the Katana-500 Bass Head, this cabinet boasts a 500-watt power capacity and houses an Eminence Neodymium Series 12-inch woofer alongside a high-frequency tweeter, ensuring a powerful and articulate bass response.

Main Features

  • High-Performance Design: Crafted for professional bass applications, the Katana Cabinet 112 Bass combines robust construction with premium components to deliver exceptional sound quality.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Despite its compact size, this cabinet packs a punch with its 500-watt power capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of performance settings.
  • Eminence Neodymium Series Woofer: The cabinet features a 12-inch woofer from Eminence's acclaimed Neodymium Series, known for its powerful sound reproduction and lightweight construction.
  • Adjustable Tweeter: Equipped with a high-frequency tweeter, the cabinet offers flexibility with a switchable tweeter and two preset level settings, allowing you to tailor your sound to suit different playing environments.

Big Tone, Compact Size

The Katana Cabinet 112 Bass is engineered to provide an optimal balance of full, tight lows and nuanced articulation in the mid and high ranges. Its space-saving design makes it easy to transport and set up, ensuring that you can achieve a big sound even in crowded venues or home practice spaces.

Expand Your Stage Presence

With its versatile connectivity options, the Katana Cabinet 112 Bass allows you to expand your stage presence effortlessly. Featuring speaker input and link jacks, you can connect a second cabinet for even greater volume and coverage on larger stages. The robust locking-style connectors ensure secure connections and support high-current operation for reliable performance every time.


  • Power Input: 500 W Peak, 250 W RMS
  • Speakers: 1 x 12-inch Eminence Neodymium Series woofer, 1 x tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Controls: Tweeter switch, Tweeter Level switch
  • Connectors: Input connector (speakON type), Link connector (speakON type)

Experience the power and precision of the Boss Katana Cabinet 112 Bass, the ultimate companion for your Katana-500 Bass Head.

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