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Fender Footswitch 1 Button

Fender One Button Economy On/Off Footswitch with cable, 1/4" TS Plug

Fender Single Button Footswitch: Seamless Amplifier Control

Restore your contemporary Fender amp's footswitch functionality with the genuine Fender One Button Economy On/Off Footswitch. This essential accessory allows you to toggle your amplifier's effects with ease, enhancing your performance without interruption. Equipped with a durable 1/4" TS plug and a reliable cable, this footswitch is designed for straightforward setup and lasting use, ensuring you can focus on your music, not your gear.

Effortless Integration and Operation

This Fender footswitch is not only easy to use but also easy to integrate with your existing setup. The one-button design simplifies operation, providing on/off capabilities with a tap of your foot. Whether you're performing live or recording in a studio, this footswitch allows you to effortlessly control your amp's settings, enabling you to deliver your best performance.

Durable Build and Reliable Performance

Constructed with Fender's commitment to quality, the Economy On/Off Footswitch is built to withstand the rigors of both practice and performance. The robust cable and sturdy 1/4" TS plug ensure a secure connection to your amplifier, minimizing the risk of disconnection or signal loss during crucial moments.


  • Model Number: 0994049000
  • Type: One button on/off footswitch
  • Connectivity: 1/4" TS plug
  • Cable: Included, robust design for reliable signal transmission