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UA Starlight Delay Station Pedal

Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

UA Starlight Echo Station: Ultimate Delay Pedal

Fasten your seatbelts for sonic time travel with the Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station. This powerful stomp box features jaw-dropping emulations of classic tape echo, bucket-brigade, and digital delay units. Built upon futuristic UAFX dual engine processing and unflinching sonic accuracy, the Starlight Echo Station sets a new benchmark in delay effects, beautifully crafted to travel the farthest reaches of your imagination for decades to come.

Stunning Emulation of Iconic Tape Echo Units

The Starlight Echo Station delivers stunning emulations of iconic tape echo units, with three distinct tape types: New, Medium, and Old. Each tape type provides unique tonal characteristics, from pristine and clean to warm and worn. This versatility allows you to achieve a wide range of classic tape delay sounds, capturing the essence of vintage echo units while offering modern reliability and control.

Legendary Bucket-Brigade Analog Delay Effects

Experience the legendary bucket-brigade analog delay effects with the Starlight Echo Station. These effects faithfully reproduce the color, texture, and haze of the original hardware, delivering the warm and rich tones that analog enthusiasts love. The bucket-brigade mode provides a beautifully saturated sound with characteristic analog warmth, perfect for adding depth and character to your music.

Pristine Studio Digital Delays

The Starlight Echo Station also offers pristine studio digital delays with flexible and inspiring modulation options. These digital delays are designed to provide crystal-clear repeats with precise control over delay time, feedback, and modulation. Whether you're looking for subtle, clean echoes or complex, modulated delay patterns, the digital delay mode offers a wide range of possibilities for your creative expression.

Unmatched Sound Quality and Processing Power

Built upon UAFX dual engine processing, the Starlight Echo Station ensures unflinching sonic accuracy and unmatched sound quality. This advanced processing power allows for intricate and detailed delay effects, capturing every nuance of the original hardware emulations. The robust design and powerful engine make the Starlight Echo Station a reliable and versatile tool for any musician's pedalboard.


  • Delay Types:

    • Tape Echo: Emulations of iconic tape echo units with New, Medium, and Old tape types.
    • Bucket-Brigade Analog Delay: Classic analog delay effects with authentic color and texture.
    • Digital Delay: Pristine studio-quality digital delays with flexible modulation.
  • Processing:

    • UAFX dual engine processing for high-fidelity sound and intricate delay effects.
    • Accurate emulations of classic delay units.
  • Controls:

    • Detailed control over delay parameters, including delay time, feedback, and modulation.
    • Easy-to-use interface for real-time sound sculpting.
  • Audio Quality:

    • High-resolution processing for clear and detailed delay effects.
    • Advanced modulation options for creative sound design.
  • Build:

    • Rugged and durable construction for reliable performance.
    • Compact design for easy integration into any pedalboard setup.

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