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Walrus Meraki Stereo Analog Dual Delay

Manufacturer #:900-1071

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Walrus Audio Meraki: Stereo Analog Dual Delay

Walrus Meraki Stereo Delay: A Bucket Brigade Champion

Experience True Stereo Analog Delay with the Walrus Audio Meraki. Dive into a world of rich, warm analog delay with this exceptional pedal, which harnesses the power of eight MN3005 bucket brigade chips to deliver lush and immersive repeats. With a maximum delay time of 1200ms, the Meraki offers a versatile range of delay options, including parallel, ping-pong, and series delay modes. The ability to independently control the delay times and modulation of the left and right channels sets the Meraki apart, allowing you to create syncopated rhythms or classic repeat sounds with precision.

Versatile Delay Modes for Sonic Exploration

The Meraki provides you with a palette of delay modes to explore. Choose between parallel, ping-pong, and series delay lines to craft your unique soundscapes. With independent control over the left and right channels, you can create syncopated rhythms or keep both channels locked into the same timing for classic repeat sounds. The possibilities are endless, and your creativity knows no bounds.

Precise Controls and Customization

Fine-tune your delay sound with the Meraki's precise controls. Adjust the Mix control to dial in the perfect blend of wet and dry signals. Explore the Feedback controls for each channel, from subtle echoes to full oscillation. Add depth to your repeats with adjustable modulation, creating lush chorus and vibrato effects in your delays. Tailor your delay time from 80ms to 1200ms, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities. Shape the tone of your delay repeats with the Tilt EQ, allowing you to cut lows and boost highs or vice versa.

MIDI Integration for Digital Creativity

The Meraki offers advanced MIDI integration, allowing you to digitally manipulate controls like time, modulation, tap tempo, tap division, and more. With five-pin MIDI connectivity, you can tap into new creative dimensions and push the boundaries of your sound. This feature provides an additional layer of versatility, making the Meraki an excellent choice for musicians looking to expand their creative potential.


  • Dimensions: 4.98” x 5.86” x 2.35” (W x D x H)
  • Bypass Options: True-Bypass or Buffered Bypass for Trails
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC, center negative (500mA minimum)
  • Enclosure: Matte black with gold ink
  • Power Supply: Not included; isolated power supply recommended for all Walrus Audio Pedals

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