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Fender Footswitch 1 Button W/Led

Fender 1-Button Footswitch w/LED

Fender Single Button Contemporary Footswitch with LED: Optimize Your Amplifier's Performance

Enhance your amplifier setup with the Fender 1-Button Footswitch, designed for seamless channel switching or activating the drive feature. This genuine replacement footswitch restores the functionality of contemporary Fender amps, providing reliable performance with an added LED indicator for on-the-fly feedback. It’s perfect for musicians who need quick and clear communication from their gear during live performances or studio sessions.

Streamlined Control with Robust Design

This footswitch is equipped with a 1/4" plug and a generous 12-foot cable, offering ample reach and flexibility for various stage and studio configurations. The robust design ensures it stands up to regular use, allowing you to switch channels or toggle drive without missing a beat. The integrated LED light provides visual confirmation of your amp's status, a crucial feature during performances in dimly-lit venues.

Compatibility Across Fender Amplifiers

The Fender 1-Button Footswitch is versatile, compatible with a wide array of Fender amplifiers. This includes models such as the Champion™ 300, Champ® 110, Champion 30, and the Blues Deluxe™, among others. It’s an essential tool for Fender enthusiasts looking to maintain optimal functionality of their equipment.


  • Model Number: 0994052000
  • Functionality: Channel switching or drive on/off
  • Connectivity: 1/4" plug
  • Cable Length: 12 feet
  • LED Indicator: Included
  • Compatible with:
    • Champion™ 300
    • Champ® 110
    • Champion 30
    • Blues Deluxe™
    • M-80
    • Dual Showman®
    • Princeton® 65
    • Frontman™ 25R
    • FM 65R
    • X-25R
    • FM 210R
    • Rumble™ 75 Combo
    • Rumble 150 Combo
    • Rumble 150 Head
    • Rumble 350 Combo
    • Rumble 350 Head