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Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Manufacturer #:900-1085O

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Walrus Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Explore Versatile Tremolo Sounds with the Walrus Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Innovative Features

The Walrus Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo takes the renowned Monument tremolo to new heights with its array of advanced controls and functionalities. Building upon the rich, warm modulation of its predecessor, the Monumental introduces groundbreaking features such as the ability to save presets, true stereo input/output, and a pan control for adjusting the stereo spread. With full expression control over each parameter, including wave shape and tap division, this tremolo pedal offers unparalleled versatility and customization options for crafting your ideal tremolo sound.

Enhanced Performance and Flexibility

Equipped with three onboard presets and a "live" mode, the Monumental Tremolo ensures seamless integration into your performance setup. Whether you're aiming for traditional tremolo tones or experimenting with unique waveforms, this pedal delivers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Inspired by the rugged landscape of Monument Valley, it effortlessly blends between standard and harmonic tremolo modes, producing lush, pulsating modulation that can be as smooth or as jagged as desired.


  • Model: Walrus Monumental Stereo Harmonic Tap Tremolo
  • True Stereo Input/Output: Yes
  • Presets: Three onboard presets, plus a "live" mode
  • Wave Shape and Tap Division: Fully customizable
  • Pan Control: Adjusts stereo spread from left to right
  • S-B-H Blend: Allows blending from standard to harmonic tremolo modes
  • Ramp Up/Down: Achieve "Leslie" style ramp from current rate
  • Inspired by Fender Brownface Amps: Vintage tones in Harmonic mode
  • Low-Pass and High-Pass Filtering: Modulates opposite frequencies for warm, chewy tremolo
  • S-B-H Control: Adjusts harmonic tremolo bite and phase harmonics
*This tremolo pedal ships fully insured with signature required.*