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Benson Amps Preamp Pedal - Violet Craft 'Atomic Starburst' pattern

Benson Amps Preamp Pedal Exclusive Custom Limited Edition Violet Craft "Atomic Starburst"

Pattern Available New Only From Five Star Guitars

This is a collaborationbetweenBenson Amplifiers Violet Craft Design and Five Star Guitars. All 3 are Portland Oregon local small business and Violet's Atomic Starburst designis her nod to mid-century modern style.


From Benson Amps:

We call this our Preamp because it is! The circuit is based on our Chimera 30-watt guitar amplifier but substitutes FET transistors for the vacuum tubes. The result is an extremely amp-like and versatile clean boost/overdrive/fuzz pedal that imparts rich harmonics and a very musical EQ to your signal chaintruly a Chimera in a box!

Power requirements:
Included 9-Volt battery or Not Included: Common style 9VDC +Center adapter with at least 50ma current.


Controls: Gain Volume Treble Bass.

Benson AmplifiersViolet Craft Designs

*This item ships fully insured with signature required.*