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Boss SY-1 Synthesizer

SY-1Synthesizer Pedal

Journey to New Sonic Frontiers

For years guitarists have been trying to mimic keyboard and synthesizer sounds using their existing rigs and combinations of pedals to get close. If you wanted a truly authentic synthesizer sound via guitar, you've needed either a specialized guitar or to heavily modify one of your existing instruments with an aftermarket synth or MIDI pickup and interface, adding cables and hassle to your setup time. With the big box SY-300 they finally eliminated the need for added cables and pickups, bringing full functionality with a normal passive guitar pickup. Well now they've done it again, simply and effectively minimizing the sounds and utility of the SY-300 into a standard Boss compact sized pedal with the new SY-1.

This pedal packs four controls in per model as well as an integrated effects loop and external expression/control input to give you maximumflexibility in use in a size that'll fit into any rig. This pedal features 11 different Synth models, each with 11 variations for a total of 121 different synth tones at the flick of a switch. The experimentation and variety of sounds possible with keyboards and synths is finally available in an easy to use and compact package that's compatible with any of the existing guitars in your arsenal. When you want to get weird (or don't want to have to hire a keys player for that last minute gig), the SY-1 is the answer.

SY-1 Sound Types

LEAD 1/2A wide range of sounds suitable for single-note soloing.
PADFull tones that work great with chords, from layered pads to synth brass and more.
BASSFat synth bass sounds, including filtered and sub-octave tones.
STRClassic analog-style strings, including layered voices and sweeping textures.
ORGANA large selection of organ sounds, including many with rotary-style modulation.
BELLPercussive synth sounds with metallic resonance.
SFX 1/2A variety of synth sound effects, including explosive one-shot sounds, animated pitch/filter voices, and more.
SEQ 1/2Pulsating sounds with rhythmic pitch or filter changes.

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