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Boss WAZA-AIR Wireless System

WAZA-AIRWireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

A Revolutionary New Tone Experience for Guitar

For too long guitarists have struggled to get a convincing guitar sound via headphones, always having to compromise either in tonal quality, flexibility, or usability. The folks over at Boss realized this and used this ethos to design the Waza Air, the next generation of headphone-based electric guitar playing. The Waza Air takes the tones you know and love from Boss' award winning Katana amplifier series and puts them in a fully wireless, self contained practice unit, purpose built for practicing guitar while keeping in-room noise to a minimum. Through the Boss Tone Studio app you have instant access to 5 amp types and over 50 effects at the tap of a button, with up to 6 user-assignable rig presets to quickly switch through in addition to the vast library of factory presets.

The Waza Air connects to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth so that you can jam along to all your favorite tracks, and thanks to the engineers at Boss you'll sound more a part of the music than ever before. You have a choice between having your amp sound come from in front of you in a mock-surround sound setup via the Surround mode, having it come from behind you like if you were onstage via the Stage mode, or, thanks to the Waza Air's advanced technology, you can use Static mode to virtually place the amp in the room with you. The amp's position will be adjusted according to your head's movements, so it will really sound and feel like you have an amplifier there in the room with you. These modes place you right in the middle of your music like never before, truly allowing you to sit in with your favorite bands. If you're tired of lackluster practice sessions that just don't sound or feel right, the Waza Air is the latest technology to allow you to really feel like you're there with a cranked up amp next to you. Come try one today!

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