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Dunlop Volume (X) Mini Pedal

Manufacturer #:DVP4

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Dunlop Volume (X) Mini Pedal DVP4

Dunlop Volume (X) Mini: Compact Precision Control for Your Pedalboard

Unlock full control over your sound with the Volume (X) Mini Pedal DVP4, designed to manage volume and FX parameters without overloading your pedalboard. This compact and powerful tool is ideal for musicians who need to optimize their setup without compromising on functionality.

Streamlined Design, Powerful Performance

The Volume (X) Mini Pedal is housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis, offering durability and ease of transport for gigging musicians. Its small footprint makes it an excellent choice for crowded pedalboards, where space is at a premium but functionality cannot be sacrificed.

Enhanced Control and Stability

Equipped with an aggressive non-slip tread, the DVP4 ensures that every adjustment is precise and secure, even during the most intense performances. The pedal's patented Low Friction Band-Drive provides a smooth range of motion, allowing for consistent and reliable performance across its entire span. This system eliminates the uneven wear and response common in traditional string-and-spring setups, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Customizable to Your Playing Style

For players who demand a personalized feel, the DVP4 features fully adjustable rocker tension. This adjustment allows you to set the pedal's resistance according to your playing style, ensuring maximum comfort and precision whether you're controlling volume swells or adjusting FX parameters.

Key Features:

  • Model: DVP4 Volume (X) Mini Pedal
  • Material: Lightweight aluminum chassis for portability and durability
  • Design: Compact size ideal for crowded pedalboards
  • Tread: Aggressive non-slip surface for precise control
  • Drive System: Patented Low Friction Band-Drive for a smooth, consistent range of motion
  • Adjustability: Fully adjustable rocker tension to suit individual playing preferences
  • Functionality: Controls volume and FX parameters
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