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EHX 2020 Tuner Pedal

Electro Harmonix EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal

Electro Harmonix EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal: Compact and Accurate Tuning for Your Pedalboard

If you need a tuner for your board but are tired of them taking up too much space, the EHX-2020 Tuner is perfect for you. This brand-new, mini-sized pedal has an adjustable center frequency from 436-445Hz and an accuracy of 1 cent, or 1/100th of a half step, so you know you'll be in tune whenever you need. The pedal's true bypass configuration makes it compatible with a wide range of setups, and it also functions as a mute button for your rig. When you need an inexpensive tuner pedal, the EHX-2020 should be the only place you look. Includes AC adaptor.

Compact Design

The EHX-2020 Tuner is designed to save space on your pedalboard while providing reliable tuning performance. Its mini-sized footprint ensures that you can easily fit it into any setup without sacrificing valuable pedalboard real estate. Despite its small size, this tuner offers all the essential features you need to keep your instrument in perfect tune.

Precise Tuning

With an adjustable center frequency range from 436-445Hz and an accuracy of 1 cent, the EHX-2020 Tuner ensures precise tuning every time. This level of accuracy allows you to fine-tune your instrument with confidence, making sure you sound your best whether you're practicing at home, recording in the studio, or performing live on stage.

True Bypass and Mute Function

The EHX-2020 Tuner features a true bypass configuration, ensuring that your signal remains pure and unaffected when the tuner is not in use. Additionally, this pedal can function as a mute button, allowing you to silently tune your instrument without any interruptions. This dual functionality makes the EHX-2020 a versatile and practical addition to any guitarist's pedalboard.


  • Adjustable Center Frequency: 436-445Hz
  • Accuracy: 1 cent (1/100th of a half step)
  • Configuration: True bypass
  • Additional Function: Mute button
  • Power: Includes AC adaptor
  • Size: Mini-sized footprint for compact pedalboards

The EHX-2020 Tuner is the ideal solution for musicians seeking a compact, accurate, and affordable tuning pedal. This pedal ships fully insured with signature required.