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Fender Hammertone Chorus

Fender Hammertone Chorus Pedal

Fender Hammertone Chorus: Pristine Modulation for Your Rig

The Fender Hammertone Chorus Pedal is designed to deliver glassy, shimmering, and bubbly modulation effects, perfect for adding depth and texture to your sound. With its simple yet powerful design, this pedal is an ideal addition to any guitarist's setup, providing pristine choral sweeps that can elevate your performance.

Effortless Integration with Your Pedal Board

Featuring pedal board-friendly top-mounted input and output jacks, the Hammertone Chorus Pedal integrates seamlessly into your rig. The true bypass footswitch ensures that your signal remains clean and unaltered when the pedal is not in use, preserving your tone and providing reliable performance.

High-Quality Electronics for Superior Sound

The Hammertone Chorus Pedal boasts high-quality electronics designed to deliver exceptional sound. With an input impedance of 500k ohm and an output impedance of 470 ohm, this pedal provides optimal performance and tonal clarity. The power consumption of 80mA ensures efficient operation, while the 9-Volt center negative AC adaptor (not included) makes powering the pedal simple and convenient.


  • Model Number: 0234576000
  • Input Impedance: 500k ohm
  • Output Impedance: 470 ohm
  • Power Consumption: 80mA
  • Power Requirements: 9-Volt Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)

This pedal ships fully insured with signature required.