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Fishman AFX Acousticomp Mini Compressor

Fishman AFX Acousticomp Mini Compressor Pedal

Enhance Your Acoustic Dynamics with the AFX Acousticomp Mini Compressor Pedal

Tailored for Acoustic Brilliance

Crafted specifically for acoustic guitarists, the AFX Acousticomp Mini Compressor Pedal by Fishman offers a tailored approach to compression, allowing players to refine their dynamics while preserving the natural tone of their instruments. Explore new textures, rhythms, and spaces without compromising your signature sound, thanks to the acoustic-focused design of Fishman AFX Mini pedals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, unlock the full potential of your acoustic sound with this versatile pedal.

Improved Dynamics and Sustain

Experience improved dynamics, sustain, and tone tailored for acoustic instruments with the AFX Acousticomp Mini Compressor Pedal. This pedal features simple yet effective compression controls optimized for acoustic guitars, allowing you to shape your playing dynamics for consistent performances. The Compression knob provides easy control over the compression level, while the Level control helps balance your gain for optimal sound quality. With true bypass and buffered bypass options, innovative dual-path routing, and a super compact design, this pedal offers unparalleled versatility and convenience.

Create Consistent Performances

Based on the popular Aura Spectrum Compressor, the Acousticomp Mini Pedal delivers mild and effective dynamics leveling specifically designed for acoustic instruments. Whether you're aiming to fatten your tone or add subtle compression to sit better in a mix, the Acousticomp Mini Pedal provides the tools you need to create consistent performances while enhancing your tone and sustain. Elevate your acoustic sound with this innovative pedal and enjoy a new level of clarity and richness in your performances.


  • Compression Knob Allows Simple, but Effective Control
  • Level Control Helps Balance Your Gain
  • True Bypass with Buffered Bypass Option
  • Innovative Dual Path Routing
  • Super Compact Design Fits Almost Anywhere
  • 9V External Power Required (sold separately)


*This compressor pedal ships fully insured with signature required.*