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Fishman AFX Blue Chorus Mini

Fishman AFX Blue Chorus Mini Chorus Pedal

Explore New Acoustic Dimensions with the AFX Blue Chorus Mini Chorus Pedal

Tailored for Acoustic Excellence

Designed specifically for acoustic guitarists, the AFX Blue Chorus Mini Chorus Pedal by Fishman offers a unique approach to chorus effects, allowing players to enhance their acoustic sound without compromising its integrity. Crafted to deliver lush and shimmering chorus effects while preserving the natural tone of acoustic instruments, this pedal opens up a world of new textures, rhythms, and spaces for both novice and experienced players alike. Experience the acoustic-focused design of Fishman AFX Mini pedals and unleash the full potential of your acoustic sound.

Versatile Chorus Effects for Acoustic Instruments

The AFX Blue Chorus Mini Chorus Pedal is meticulously voiced to complement acoustic instruments, offering a range of chorus effects to suit various musical styles and preferences. With analog, vintage, and classic chorus modes, players can dial in anything from subtle doubling effects to rich, ensemble-like tones that enhance their acoustic performances. The pedal features intuitive controls for delay time, repeats, and level, allowing for precise adjustment of the chorus effect to achieve the desired sound. Additionally, the innovative dual-path routing ensures optimal signal integrity and versatility in any setup.

Analog, Vintage & Classic Chorus Effects

Experience the nostalgia of analog, vintage, and classic chorus effects tailored to seamlessly integrate with the beautiful resonances of acoustic guitars. The AFX Blue Chorus Mini Pedal features a Rate control for adjusting the speed of the chorus effect, a Depth control for blending it into the mix, and a Tone control for shaping the tonal character without compromising the natural sound of the acoustic instrument. Whether you're aiming for subtle embellishments or immersive textures, this pedal empowers you to create a captivating sonic landscape that enhances your acoustic performances.


  • Analog, Vintage, and Classic Chorus Effects
  • True Bypass with Buffered Bypass Option
  • Intuitive Delay Time, Repeats, and Level Controls
  • Innovative Dual Path Routing
  • Super Compact Design Fits Almost Anywhere
  • 9V External Power Required (sold separately)


*This chorus pedal ships fully insured with signature required.*