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JAM Pedals Dyna-ssor Bass

JAM Dyna-ssor Bass Compressor

Unleash Powerful Compression and Sustain with the JAM Dyna-ssor Bass

The JAM Dyna-ssor Bass Compressor is an essential tool for any bassist looking to enhance their sound with vintage thumpy attack and endless sustain. Featuring the renowned NOS CA3080 chip, this compressor effortlessly tames your dynamic range and adds a rich, musical quality to your playing. Whether you're aiming for the squashing power of a dinosaur or subtle dynamics control, the Dyna-ssor delivers exceptional performance.

Vintage Thumpy Attack and Endless Sustain

The Dyna-ssor is designed to provide a vintage thumpy attack, perfect for cutting through any mix with authority. Its ability to deliver endless sustain ensures your notes hold out beautifully, adding a full and rich quality to your bass lines. This compressor is ideal for bassists seeking to add character and depth to their sound, making it an indispensable part of any rig.

NOS CA3080 Chip for Superior Performance

At the heart of the Dyna-ssor is the NOS CA3080 chip, known for its outstanding performance in compression circuits. This chip offers smooth and musical compression, ensuring your sound remains clear and natural. Whether you play soft, intricate passages or heavy, driving riffs, the Dyna-ssor adapts to your style, providing consistent and reliable compression.

Simple and Responsive Controls

JAM is committed to creating well-tuned circuits with straightforward and responsive controls, and the Dyna-ssor exemplifies this philosophy. With a minimal number of intuitive knobs, you can easily dial in the perfect amount of compression and sustain. This simplicity ensures that musicians of all levels can achieve great sound with minimal effort.

Enhances Overall Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the Dyna-ssor is its ability to enhance your overall sound quality, making everything sound like more. Whether you're performing live or recording in the studio, this compressor adds richness and depth to your music, ensuring your bass lines stand out and leave a lasting impression.


  • Type: Analog Bass Compressor
  • Chip: NOS CA3080
  • Controls: Compression, Sustain, Level
  • Compatibility: Guitars, Bass (best with passive pickups/electronics)
  • Power Supply: Standard 9V DC
  • Dimensions: 4.7 inches x 3.7 inches x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs

Please note: Vintage-style compressors like the Dyna-ssor, based around the NOS 3080 chip, are designed to work best with passive pickups/electronics. Hot-output active instruments might clip the pedal's input stage depending on your settings.

This compressor ships fully insured with signature required.