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JAM Pedals Lucydreamer Bass

JAM Lucydreamer Bass

JAM Lucydreamer Bass: Perfect Overdrive for Bass Masters

The Lucydreamer Bass is a Dry/Wet overdrive created with today's bass masters' needs and wants in mind. This pedal offers a range of innovative features that enhance your playing experience and elevate your bass tone to new heights.

Innovative Features for Bassists

The Lucydreamer Bass packs a host of functions designed specifically for bass players. The Dry/Wet Mix control allows you to blend the clean and overdrive signals to your preference, ensuring your original bass tone remains intact. The high-gain-stage footswitch doesn’t affect the dry signal’s level, allowing for seamless transitions between gain stages. An internal trimmer sets the high-gain stage’s output level, giving you precise control over your tone.

Dynamic Overdrive Circuit

The overdrive circuit of the Lucydreamer Bass can track every little nuance of your playing, offering a wide gain-stage spectrum that ranges from highly dynamic tube-amp-like break-up to full-bodied high-gain saturation. This ensures that your bass lines maintain clarity and punch, regardless of the gain level.

Versatile and Expressive

Owing its clipping merits to a secret chip, the Lucydreamer Bass fluently tackles all the traditional tasks of an overdrive pedal while inviting you to discover new ways of bonding with your bass lines. This feature works wonders when paired with an already overdriven amp, allowing you to introduce the desired amount of overdrive into your clean signal. The result is a widened palette of sounds, minimized pedalboard real estate, and an elevated bass tone.


  • Mix Control: Dry/Wet Mix control
  • High-Gain Stage: Footswitch for high-gain stage that does not affect the dry signal level
  • Internal Trimmer: For setting high-gain stage output level
  • Overdrive Circuit: Tracks nuances of playing with a wide gain-stage spectrum
  • Clipping: Secret chip for clipping

This pedal ships fully insured with signature required