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KittycasterFX Mohair Fuzztortion

Manufacturer #:KC-201

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KittycasterFX Mohair Fuzztortion

Unleash Your Sound: KittycasterFX Mohair Fuzztortion

Refined Fuzz and Distortion

The KittycasterFX Mohair Fuzztortion is a testament to the pursuit of sonic excellence, offering a refined take on the classic muffy tone. With its five-transistor fuzz/distortion circuit, Mohair delivers thick walls of sound and fat, sustaining leads while maintaining a remarkably open and touch-sensitive response. This pedal strikes the perfect balance between vintage warmth and modern versatility, making it an essential tool for any guitarist seeking to explore new sonic territories.

Versatile Boost Functionality

Equipped with a boost footswitch that activates a Rangemaster-style booster circuit, the Mohair transforms into a blazing riff monster at the flick of a switch. The Range control allows you to adjust the thickness of the boost, enabling you to transition seamlessly from tight, speedy riffs to endless, thick, sustaining notes. Whether you're aiming for early '70s classic rock leads, '90s shoegaze walls of sound, or epic millennial doomscapes, the Mohair has you covered with its unparalleled versatility.

Custom-Tuned Design

Mohair is not a direct clone of any existing spec; it is meticulously tuned and optimized to achieve a custom refined voicing that sets it apart from the crowd. The pedal features a no-compromise build and circuit design, utilizing five silicon transistors and all-discrete, through-hole components that are specifically selected and tuned to deliver the best sound and response possible. Housed in KittycasterFX's exclusive wedge enclosure, Mohair is as visually striking as it is sonically impressive, making it a standout addition to any pedalboard.


  • Circuit: Five-transistor fuzz/distortion
  • Boost: Rangemaster-style booster circuit with Range control
  • Transistors: Five silicon transistors
  • Components: All-discrete, through-hole components
  • Enclosure: KittycasterFX's exclusive wedge enclosure

*This Kittycaster FX pedal ships fully insured with signature required.*