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MXR M101 Phase 90 Phaser Pedal

MXR Phase 90 M101 Phaser

Since 1974 the MXR Phase 90 has been the main name in phaser pedals,making the little, orange box now synonymous with that sweet whooshing sound that we call phasing. This classic 4 stage phaser adds that subtle and instantly recognizable bit of modulation that you've heard on records across all genres over the past 46 years. This pedal sounds great on keyboards, vocals, guitar, bass, and just about whatever you can throw at it. The control set is dead simple, providing you with easy control over your sound from the smooth, slow warbles of a low speed setting to the fast and liquid sound of the speed maxed out. If you need some more whoosh and vibe added to your track, the Phase 90 should be first on the list!



-Classic layout

-Simple controls

-9V battery powered with AC adapter jack

-Deceptively deep range of tones