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MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick

Manufacturer #:M239

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M239 Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply

It's a classic problem: hook up all your pedals, plug your guitar in, turn the amp on, and all of a sudden there's a hum louder than anything and it won't go away unless you plug straight into your amp. Well, if you're running everything off the same power supply, chances are that you're having some major ground loop hum. There's only one solution to this, and it's an isolated power supply. Luckily the folks at MXR are familiar with the plight of the modern musician and thought ahead with the Mini Iso-Brick.

The Mini Iso-Brick gives you up to 5 standard 9VDC outputs, all with at least 300mA of current available. One of these 5 is switchable between 9V and 18V at 800mA of current, perfect for pedals with higher voltage compatibility or complicated digital pedals. A splitter cable is included so that you can power an additional pedal with this supply, and this supply works with both negative and positive grounds so it's compatible with vintage pedals as well as newer ones. Plus, easy to see LEDs mean that you can always make sure everything is hooked up and ready to go before a big gig. If you're looking for a dependable, fully isolated power supply in a compact package then the Mini Iso-Brick is just what you need. Come try one out today and power up your rig!